**SOLD**Rolex Vintage Submariner ref#1680 18k Gold Tropical Dial


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I am speechless on how beautiful this Vintage Gold sub is!

Heavy and warm 18k gold with a gorgeous tropical brown dial make this watch a feat to look at. Framed by a lovely faded blue bezel it’s a watch that passionate collectors dream of.

Super thick case with original bevels on the lugs , case back has French hallmarks and the Rolex coronet hallmark – very very unusual and rare!

The dial has changed color from blue to a golden brown , overall in an even manner. It’s stunning and unique!

The bracelet is a super tight Rolex oyster 18k gold made in South America, with the distinctive clasp and inner clasp. In top condition with zero stretch.

The dial changed color evenly though around the nipple markers there are halos of discoloration. Also there is a scratch next to the 9 marker and by the 1 marker. No eye sores though. The dial has a very pleasing patina that can’t be reproduced.??

This watch is a true gem!!

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