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About Classic 55 - Gai Gohari

Born and raised in Milano Italy, Gai has always been surrounded by style and elegance. When he moved to New York in 2002 he started his career in the precious stone and jewelry trade traveling the USA and Europe visiting the loyal wholesale clientele he built through hard work and devotion. 

In 2008 Gai decided to pursue his strong passion for tailored clothing and joined Astor and Black custom clothiers, the fastest growing company in the industry at the time. Gai established himself as a tasteful clothier serving clients worldwide and building his reputation as a strongly detail oriented custom tailor. Gai has been part of Astor and Black’s chairman’s club reaching incredible heights in the custom clothing industry.

Classic 55 LLC is Gai Gohari’s latest endeavor and has been going strong since 2013: it is built on the experience and book of business acquired through the years in the jewelry and fashion industries. The passion Gai has for sales, elegance and service is a strong tool in satisfying the demands of his loyal clientele.


Classic 55 LLC is a purveyor of fine and classic timepieces. Our goal is to be your trusted source for your watch needs. Trust is prime when buying a timepiece and we are here to gain this trust by providing fine counsel and prime service. At Classic 55 we curate a tasteful collection of vintage Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, Cartier and Rolex watches. In our opinion those four brands represent the pinnacle of fine watchmaking, holding their value as a great investment along with having an incredible allure,heritage and sophistication. We buy what we like following a refined taste acquired through years of living a cosmopolitan life and dealing in beautiful things. In our buying we strive to find watches that are appealing, sexy, unique, charismatic and elegant. From vintage Rolex sport watches to modern and contemporary Patek Philippe complications we look forward to satisfying our clientele and a broad range of budgets.

Timepieces your friends will be jealous of. Timepieces you will cherish and have as your loyal partner in marking the special moments of your life. Through our network of contacts we are also able to source most fine watches at competitive prices. We are conveniently located in Midtown Manhattan, on the iconic 5th avenue across Saks Fifth avenue in an elegant and private Art Deco building.


All inquiries are welcome.
We ship worldwide.


Your watch is your loyal companion through your daily adventures. It will be there to tell you your great and successful times and will be there with you during your challenging moments. Always on your wrist, always present, glowing in the dark and even under water. It will record the past, show you the present, and make you reach your future. It is an expression of your style, personality, sophistication and status.

Every watch tells a story. A watch is a great memento to crown the important moments in your life and its a beautiful heirloom to be cherished by those will succeed you. You can buy the car of your dreams or own a beautiful painting yet your watch will be at your wrist in the office and out on a date. Now that is a good way to treat yourself. Every man and woman deserve a watch they can’t wait to tell the time on. This is why Classic 55 is born.

Our Promise


Choose from our tasteful collection of contemporary and vintage Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Cartier and Patek Phillippe watches.


Gai at Classic 55 LLC is available for a private showing at your convenient location. We are able to assist you with sourcing the watch of your dreams if it is not in our stock already (new and pre-owned). All inquiries welcome.


We understand that watches transcend beyond the traditional accessory, but an individual’s personal style and finances may change. Gai Gohari is readily prepared to assess your watch. Please contact us with any offers you may have.


Great people there to help you find “the perfect” Rolex for anyone on your list.
Samuel H
New York
Great people there to help you find “the perfect” Rolex for anyone on your list.
Samuel H
New York