**SOLD**Rolex Vintage Milgauss ref#1019 Super Mint


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Simplistic and oversized , the 1019 is different than all the other vintage Rolex Sports watches.

I personally find the clean aesthetics incredibly pleasing and attractive.

Made as a tool watch for Lab personnel that worked close to high magnetic fields , the Milgauss is a classic among vintage Rolex enthusiasts.

2.5 Million serial dates it to 1969 , in my books.

This specific timepiece comes to me in exceptional conditions.

The case is beautiful and clean, with original bevels on lugs that are sharp and clear. The dial has a gorgeous satin finish and is clean as a whistle. All the lume plots are nice and puffy, uniform in patina along with the tip top condition hand set.

On Oyster 78360 bracelet with 580 End links in pristine condition.

Stunning collector’s item indeed.

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