**SOLD**Rolex Vintage Daytona ref#6265 “Big Red”


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What a sexy beast this watch!

Beyond iconic at this point in history the Daytona captivates the hearts of all enthusiasts and collectors worldwide.

Reference 6265 with black “Big Red” dial is as sexy as it gets.

This specific timepiece is a 6 million serial dating it to 1980 , my birth year.

Coming to me in very pleasing ??conditions.

The case is thick-sharp and very attractive.

Beautiful black dial in perfect conditions,the lume plots are all present,thick and puffy. No aging on the registers and hand set in perfect harmony with the dial.

Movement running strong and keeping accurate time.

The bracelet has signs of wear but has no stretch and is as good as it gets. 78350 bracelet with the typical 557 end links. Missing one link.

New old stock Rolex domed crystal just installed.

What a phenomenal watch , harder and harder to find in the right conditions!

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