**SOLD**Rolex Vintage Daytona ref#16520 L Serial 4 Lines – Mk1 Bezel


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From the golden era of Sport Rolexes, late ’80s, comes this drop dead gorgeous and super collectible Daytona Zenith movement second series ??production.

This is the watch that started the Rolex mania, this is the legend that all the world wanted and couldn’t get without waiting years on the delivery lists. The automatic Daytona made Rolex desirable in terms of sport stainless steel watches.

Dating to 1988, this watch was sold in the stores at the same time of it’s predecessor 6265 in fact it shares the same 200 mph bezel design and the same satin finish bracelet.

It’s the minutiae that make a world of difference in Rolex collecting and this piece will be one of the rarest and most sought after Daytonas.

Four lines of text in the dial (as opposed to the classic 5) and the mk1 bezel along with the one tone bracelet (as opposed to high polish and brushed finish two tone links) make it different from all it’s counterparts. For each black dial with 4 lines you will find 3 white ones, so this dial configuration is very,very hard to come by.

In stunning condition and with an unpolished super thick case, tritium luminous dial and a very clean bezel with the black ??engraving like it came out of Geneva today.

Don’t miss the opportunity to own a piece of modern Rolex history that will pay you back big dividends in the next future.

Comes accompanied by it’s original Rolex inner and outer boxes.

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