**SOLD**Rolex Vintage DayDate ref#1803 White Gold – Full Set – Flawless


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Rolex Day Date is the classic Rolex par excellence. Yellow gold examples are plenty, White gold examples are few,White gold examples on a bracelet are even rarer,White gold examples with a black velvety matte dial – box and papers…FORGET ABOUT IT!

This watch is a true collector’s item under all aspects.

1.2 million serial dates it to 1962 +/- ??in my books.

Coming to me in crisp conditions with a stunning black/navy/grey dial that is just delicious. The dial has a velvety texture and when looped has some gorgeous red tweed specs similar to the brown dial yellow gold 1803 we had a month ago.

The case is sharp and has even lugs. The hallmarks on the back lugs are still visible and somewhat still deep. The bracelet is tight with no stretch and is a joy on the wrist.

Accompanied by it’s Punched Chronometer Certificate, Punched Rolex Warranty, Outer box with 1803 sticker and black dot sticker (indicating black dial) , Inner gorgeous Day Date orange Box, Vinyl card holder.

This is a true collector item and pure understated luxury. Vintage timeless look that can be passed on as a family heirloom.

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