**SOLD**Rolex Vintage DayDate ref#1803 Stunning chocolate velvet dial


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The watch of the movers and shakers of the world, the renowned “President” is right here right now in tip top collector’s conditions showcasing a very rare chocolate brown dial with a very unusual texture.

4 million serial dates this watch to 1975 , in my books.

This timepiece has an excellent thick and sharp, unpolished case with the original satin finish still alive. The hallmarks are deep and crisp on the back lugs.

The bracelet is as tight as can be and is fully linked.

The dial is unique: a very attractive chocolate brown color with a velvety texture. If you bring a loop to it, the texture is drop dead gorgeous as you can see a rainbow of colors in the sand like fuzzyness. Very, very cool. All the lume plots are intact and nice and puffy.

The movement is running strong and keeping time.

Stunning indeed.

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