**SOLD**Rolex Submariner ref#16610LV 50th Anniversary “F serial – Oval O Dial” Full Set


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The Rolex Submariner has been one of the most classic Rolexes of all time and in 2004 the manufacture decided to celebrate the model’s 50th birthday.

The present to all Rolex Submariner lovers was a colorful take on the classic black bezel iconic look.

This specific timepiece is from the real year of the anniversary (Late 2004 F serial) and comes with the olive colored bezel insert and is fitted with the “Oval O” dial present on the first anniversary models.

It’s all the details and minutiae that make Rolex collecting so interesting , what I mean by oval O dial is the shape of the “O” in “ROLEX” which is more oval and long. ??Another minute difference is the positioning of the letter “R” in “Oyster” which sits between the feet of the “R” of Rolex. Furthermore there are 5 ticks under the “SWISS MADE” text as opposed to 3 of the later versions. It’s all in the details!!

The green case back sticker is still there, rare to see those these days!

The case has been lightly polished and is in pristine shape now. Back edges are still sharp. The bracelet has a beautiful satin finish,is in nice and tight conditions and fully linked. The insert has minor wear.

Accompanied by it’s full set: Punched Rolex papers, booklet,card holder,instructions,50th anniversary box and outer box, hang tag.

A true Rolex enthusiast collectible!

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