**SOLD**Patek Philippe Vintage Nautilus Jumbo ref#3700 with Archive – HOT –


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Joining the family another gorgeous Vintage Nautilus 3700/1 ??big bracelet.

Reference 3700/1 is the first generation Nautilus and this specific timepiece was manufactured in 1977 as per the archive.

The watch has not been detailed or polished so it shows honest wear. The bracelet has minimal stretch and when held horizontally it barely sags.

The case is nice and has it’s original porthole shape well defined. The bezel has a hairline mark around 11 position. Other than that it’s flawless.

The clasp has the classic Nautilus engraving and is 16mm , most demanded model of a 3700.

The dial is gorgeous with it’s original blue/grey ribbed background and creamy indexes.

Very peculiar thing about this Nautilus is that the case has been replaced at Patek service center in 1984 as it shows in the archive. A new case is always welcome for me! Would you rather a crusty super polished case? Not me!

The bracelet has more links than you will ever need and that’s a bonus in this timepiece.

Accompanied by it’s Patek archive paper.

A stunning watch that is so in demand ,I can’t even keep up!

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