**SOLD**Patek Philippe Vintage Chronograph ref#1579R


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What an incredible , rare and fine watch this is.

A true collector’s item, the reference 1579 is so rare and valuable it really embodies Patek Philippe’s philosophy of class and heritage.

Rose gold with lovely tear drop lugs, rose dial in beautiful condition with the enamelled raised font in crisp condition.

The dial has color changing properties and is very difficult to photograph. In some lights it’s brown and in some it’s bronze. In other lights it’s pink..simply crazy!

This watch was manufactured in 1944 and comes to us with it’s original box and Patek extract from the archive confirming it’s history and pedigree.

Mechanical manual wind movement.

On Patek alligator strap (not from the 40s) and Patek tang buckle.

A classic design, A classic watch indeed. What a beauty!

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