**SOLD**Cartier Vintage Tank Basculante Cintree Allongee | 1934 | GEM


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This watch is possibly the sexiest thing I own. ??’Al mio “Chairman”, Natale 1934 ‘ (to my “chairman” , Christmas 1934) says the inscription on the cover side of this extraordinary wristwatch. God knows how many movies we can run in our head about the occasion for this unique and tasteful present.

This insanely magnificent vintage Cartier Tank Basculante hails from the estate of an Italian businessman with a fine eye and extremely refined taste. A man of means and a man of class with appreciation for great aesthetics he lived his life in South Africa enjoying great abundance. His inheritors sold this and other prized possessions including a rare 1930s Vacheron Constantin Jealousie wristwatch about 10 years ago and since then this dazzling watch has been sitting in the same collection being it’s crown jewel.

The same case design and movement are featured (in three different specimens) in the “Cartier Timeless Elegance” book by George Gordon with case serial numbers very close to each other and to this dazzling example, all dating correctly to the early 1930s.

As per the inscription and other references the watch dates to the early 1930s.

The watch feels extremely masculine and sexy on the wrist having real contemporary proportions and a striking look. I am at loss of words to describe how cool this timepiece is, your keen eye will tell.

The 18k gold elongated Tank case measuring a WHOPPING 43mm length x 22mm width is in sharp conditions with well defined edges and facets, retaining it’s original finish and proportions. The gold oxidized, having sat in a safety deposit box for many years, to a lovely warm color creating a unique and pleasing effect in the inner frame of the basculante case.?? The case back is hallmarked with the “eagle head” symbol showcasing the french period pedigree. The inner case is hand stamped with double serial numbers as expected from original Cartier vintage production along with the same number hand etched in the mid case as per the pictures. The background finish of the inner case with the circular texture pattern is seen in many Cartier art deco period wristwatches. The magic of vintage Cartier is clearly embodied in this particular watch as the unique jewelry artisan feel of the case?? is opulent.

The cabriolet mechanics work perfectly with no issues.

The uber classic vintage Cartier layout with the quintessential blued hand set is in it’s original conditions with the expected aging of an original Art Deco dial. Overall the dial is in pleasing conditions reflecting it’s age with no eye sore. The dial possesses the grenee finish we expect from vintage Cartier.

The tonneau shaped European Watch and Clock company original movement?? is in fine and clean conditions, winding smooth and keeping time. The same exact movements can be seen prominently in similar watches illustrated in the Cartier Timeless Elegance book.

On custom made strap of French production cut from fine calf leather that will age beautifully and that will fit a 7.5 inch wrist along with Cartier vintage deployment clasp from the 1940s that came with the watch.

A rare and unique opportunity to acquire a phenomenal example of THE vintage Cartier Tank Basculante, may add also Cintree Allongee (elongated for the anglophiles), this watch checks absolutely ALL the boxes of what makes our pulse go faster.

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