**SOLD*Audemars Piguet Vintage Royal Oak ref#5402 Jumbo


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Super Iconic watch the Royal Oak is unbeatable in it’s category!

This is the fabled reference 5402 with the ultra thin movement making it a pleasure on the wrist, extremely light and wearable.

What makes this beauty different than the other 5402 is that this is the last version made (D series) and comes with a stunning blue waffle textured dial.

The satin finish on the case and bracelet is beyond belief. The case is sharp and thick and retains all it’s original bevels.

The bracelet is also sharp and the crispness of the satin is tangible. Absolutely no stretch and good as new.

The dial is stunning navy/blue and changes color in each light.

The dial has some faint discoloration in certain spots around the indexes, very normal on these royal oaks. There is one scratch at the case bracelet attachment and that could be easily detailed. Bracelet is missing two links.

The most stunning Royal Oak !!

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