Today I wanted to educate first time Patek buyers to what is a sealed Patek  set .

The top of the pops in Patek collecting is when the watch is New and SEALED.

So what is this seal you will ask?

The time pieces leave the manufacture in Geneva and reach the authorized retailer in a sealed plastic cellophane bag. This ensures the retailer that no human hand touched the watch after it was shipped and is a guarantee the metal is scratch less and flawless.

Normally in America the seals are opened by the retailers who then display the watches in their cases to be shown and tried on. This can mean they may get scratched,tiny hairlines or God knows what other flaw. Those Pateks are incredibly delicate and the polishing quality is superb so it is very hard to keep them impeccable.

You understand then that a sealed watch has FOR SURE never been worn and is flawless.

There are two degrees of seal :  single sealed and double sealed.

The “double seal” pertains to the outer cardboard box the plastic sealed watch is contained in to be shipped to the retailer.

The “single” seal is the cellophane container that nests the watch.

The pleasure the collector has from unsealing the object of desire and being the first one to lay hands on it must be great.

Sealed Pateks obviously sell for a premium.

Patek Philippe watches that are out of production and sealed are a real holy grail as the piece just came from the time machine of back to the future.

image (43)
the Patek shipping sealed box
sealed 5980 1AR
the double sealed Package
Long sealed Patek shipping box for watch on strap



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