I had the great fortune of coming across quite a few 3700 this year..

this month I had three in my collection and now they are all gone!

It’s peculiar how none of them are the same, the patina is different on each one. Also, one of them was the fabled 3700/1 with the wide 16mm bracelet, much more desirable and very hard to come by.

At first I decided to keep it for myself but my innate dealer side decided to let it go for a special customer. It didn’t make the site but below see them all together!


IMG_5481 IMG_5480 IMG_5478


#classicwatch is the house of the #nautilus ! #3700 #patekphilippe #geraldgenta

A photo posted by Gai Gohari (@morillo55) on

Big bracelet vs small bracelet #patekphilippe #3700 #nautilus #classicwatch

A photo posted by Gai Gohari (@morillo55) on

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