The prime philosophy behind each and every watch I acquire is that
It’s for me- I like it.

Then if it resonates with the public and you are attracted to it as well, then great!

Otherwise I’m happy to live with each and everyone of my choices because all this is purely

If my heart doesn’t break every time I part from a watch I’ve sold I had no business acquiring it in the first place.

I’ve always been attracted to vintage things, the story they tell the sensations they give me.
I guess I’m an old soul.

A bit italian dandy and a bit Beastie Boys from NYC this is where I’m coming from!

My vision completely changed on this day :

Geneva May 2018

The weather is perfect, the lake is a mirror reflecting the sky and the vintage watch market is hotter than my grill on the 4th of July: Daytona Nautilus and the hot cakes of last night’s watch collecting are shattering thermometers and the graphs keep on spiking higher and higher.. higher than the American stock market in the Trump era- this bull is raging!
I’m wearing my army green sleek sport jacket, my hair is gelled, my black slim fit long sleeve t shirt makes me feel fashionable but boy do I feel even cooler with both my wrists clad in vintage Daytona’s I’d think you can call me Vanilla Ice.
I walk into the Gem Geneve gems and antique jewelry fair ongoing along the auction week happy like a kid with the dopest toys at school (on my wrist).

here i am fresh as a rose…not for so long.

At a distance I notice this italian watch dealer I’ve been seeing around for some time, he looks sort of like Lino Ieluzzi, Zavotta is his name I believe,spreads an aura of coolness sprezzatura-I haven’t seen yet one fashionable dude in all this industry but this older guy.
The linen scarf, the military jacket, the khaki pants with the jodhpur boots and that air of I don’t give a damn.. I had to walk up to this dude I had to learn something, what is he wearing on that wrist: I had to take something home out of this guy today.. so “ciao!” I say and show off my duo of vintage Daytona (mind you a $150k value on my wrists) and mr cool italian vintage watch dealer smirks at me saying (i freely translate from italian): “whoa boy you’re avant-garde with those…really forward”.
Cold shower on my vanilla ice I deeply realize I had absolutely no added value to my game. In his mind I was just another schlepper.
Yes I was peddling hot cakes but that showed nothing of my taste and talents. Anyone with a bank account and an instagram account can do that.
Anyone can be a geek hunting the ultimate MK version or the double Swiss of my tuches..
That cold shower taught me a valuable lesson: To be forward thinking. To let my taste take control.
After all I thought, I did make a small fortune selling custom suits and promoting my vision and style why can’t I use my God given gift again. My style has been my Trojan horse why not believe in it again?
And then more, I was born in Milano the most fashionable city in the world this city really runs in my veins.. it’s history it’s culture and it’s belief in beauty and the sprezzatura factor, it’s totally me.
I do live in New York the center of the world and I also completely adopted it’s beat. The hip hop edge and the urban tune of New York also run through my vascular system.   At this point I’m the son of these two metropolises. 
Better use what God wanted to teach me.
That day I decided I’ll only sell what I want what I’d wear what you’ll never have what you can’t even imagine without me surprising you.
“I’m promoting a level of taste, a feeling.
I would personally wear everything I offer.”  Said Ralph Lauren.
Watches that speak of you, me, us. Watches that give us a hard on not because everyone wants them- not because it’s spiking through the charts- but because they just appeal to us. It’s just attractive.
Shapes colors sizes flavors.
Timepieces that say who we are what we feel today and timepieces that are
just an accessory to our outfit.
“I strap it on my wrist I feel instantly something good”, that’s the goal.
I found much much common ground with Audemars Piguet vintage watches, in my opinion the real risk takers and taste makers of Swiss watchmaking. At every turn a new surprise and a superb design in 40/50/60/70s wristwatches. Not necessarily expensive but most importantly exclusive and unique.
This year I’ve uncovered many treasures I’m happy to share with you below.
Cartier also has that panache I’m looking for these days but to that I’ll dedicate a special post.

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