I remember when I was a little kid, my son’s age, my father used to take these overseas trips to Thailand.
On these occasions he used to say “I’m traveling to the Far East”, sounded so pompous to a little kid like me it seemed like he was Marco Polo navigating to the orient trading in exotic fineries.
In most ways he was, minus the medieval look and the sail ship I guess.
The best part though was waiting for “the gift” he would bring me from those far away lands..watta wait!
A ten day – sometimes a two week wait and then boom: Daddy is home and what an excitement to get those bootlegged VHS Michael Jackson videos along with the fake Lacoste polos paired with the Muay Thai shimmery shorts..
Then at 8 years old my Father took me along to Thailand and boy -was it love at first sight with the “Far East”.

Now I’m a big boy and the watch has been ticking a couple of decades and et voila! it’s my son’s turn to wait for “the gift”.
He’s expecting a remote control helicopter and one of my daughters wants a leather jacket.
My first daughter “just wants me back” while my lovely wife Barbie “just wants me to be good!” .
The little one wants a Chinese pajama, or so I think..she’s too young to say.

Hong Kong here I come.

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