Vintage watches and the watch industry in general has had such a strong run in the past 4 years it’s hard to keep up.

I’ve been selling so many beautiful vintage Rolexes, Pateks, APs etc and making so many enthusiasts and collectors happy all over the world. The prices though keep on going higher and higher as more collectors join the game and less quality product is around, after all we are talking about discontinued timepieces standing the test of time!

Prices for vintage Rolex are absurd. The increase has been so strong, I could safely say everything went up 50% since a couple of years ago. Also prices for Nautilus watches has been sky rocketing since I sold my first 3700 big bracelet, 4 years ago for $24500! And they were calling me crazy, all the dealers at the show, not knowing the hype that was to follow few years later with some dealers now asking $75000 for a Jumbo Nautilus with cork box and $33000 for a in production Nautilus 5711!!!

It’s all out of proportion: you really have to be a millionaire to afford a vintage Daytona at $40k or even better you have to be making serious money for buying a vintage GMT at over $15k….

So what happened to the excitement and enjoyment of gazing at your timepiece and just getting mesmerized by the details and glow of it in the sun?

I see all over instagram a new phase of collecting and a new breed of buyers pursuing vintage watches that are affordable and just beautiful!

It’s all about the details, the design, the style, the movement and of course the condition. So many beautiful pieces that are not necessarily Rolex or Patek but nonetheless fantastic and even more rare.

I’ve been acquiring quite a few new pieces that are in that direction: Nice condition, happening, detailed, just fun to wear and collect and above all affordable.

such a beautiful chronograph from the 40s-50s with a gilt glossy dial that shines bright like a diamond in the sunshine
it’s all about the size in the Calatrava design: this oversized Longines has it all.
All about condition and detail too. Take this unique JLC in like new old stock condition with fancy lugs and a striking salmon dial.


Let me tell you also that Bulova is the next big thing. Spaceviews, Snorkels and gorgeous tuning fork movements are becoming highly collectible. We’ve had a fair share of special Bulova and spectacular examples like the Stars and Stripes and some rare Spaceview Accutrons.

the fabled “stars and stripes”
one of the most special Spaceviews I had..
this one was a super rare one too


Bottom line, this wonderful passion is supposed to give you emotions and fun. I am so over all the fear and mistrust of and and for vintage Rolex. Let’s have FUN!


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