It has been one month that I’ve closed the retail shop we had at 32 west 47th st in Manhattan and moved to the building I’ve been dreaming to have an office at since I’ve moved to NY 16 years ago.

I am now at 608 5th avenue, an Art Deco masterpiece building right in midtown in the most iconic and classy NY area of them all.

The Art Deco elevator

Finally we can sit, relax and look at the watches in a lovely atmosphere.

I look forward to hosting you, show you what’s new- sip a tequila (if after 5pm!) and just enjoy the passion for collectible watches and gems.

Guess what, my next door neighbor is the Switzerland Tourism Department office, it couldn’t get better than this!

Classic 55 LLC is in 608 5th avenue room 609. Onward and upward!

so many art deco details!

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