There is an old Rolex slogan that goes : “MEN WHO GUIDE THE DESTINIES OF THE WORLD WEAR ROLEX WATCHES” … Well that is certainly true!

Today let’s take a look at all the coolest men wearing Rolex starting from the king of cool himself Steve McQueen


Steve Mcqueen and his 5512 submariner
Paul Newman and his famous Daytona on a fat strap band
Sean Connery aka 007 with his “big crown” submariner
Daniel Craig aka James Bond with one of his many Rolex, this one being a Paul Newman Daytona
Pablo Picasso and his Sub?


Luca Cordero di Montezemolo chairman of Ferrari and his Pepsi GMT


Tom Selleck aka Magnum PI and his GMT


David Beckham and his deep sea


Sylvester Stallone aka Rocky with his gold Sub

and on and on and on!









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