Segun had emailed me prior to his vacation in NY. He was coming with his wife for leisure to the US and had in mind to buy a Rolex.

It was a good email exchange and he decided to visit me in my shop and buy the GMT he had dreaming about. We kept in touch since and we enjoy each other’s pics on instagram.

Segun is a really nice man and it’s a pleasure to serve him. My man, I look forward to your next watch!

Let’s hear it from the man himself!

Where are you from? 

– Nigeria


– 43

– Marketing & Corporate Affairs
How did you find Classic Watch?

– Instagram 

What did you buy?

– Rolex GMT II (two-tone)

What’s your dream watch?
Patek or Rolex?

– Patek

Royal Oak or Nautilus?

– Nautilus

What’s next on your list?

– probably Rolex GMT II Blue Black or Patek Nautilus 5712r 

Send me a wrist shot of your watch you are wearing today
image (2)
(gift from his wife, he strongly cherishes it)

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