I’ve always been a fan of the Japanese magazine Free & Easy and it’s bi-yearly spread “Dad’s Style” in which all sorts of gents they picked shared a bit of themselves and their personal style while engaged in daily endeavors.

I loved all the close ups of the accessories that “made the man”, displaying his taste and character along with the objects and brands that give him solace.

After all, the watches I collect and sell are totally a display of my taste and personality, there isn’t one watch on this website that I wouldn’t wear personally and, if the milk turned sour ( God forbid),wouldn’t despair at all if I’d have to live with it for the rest of my life.

These wonderful accessories such as watches, belts etc give me joy, I enjoy picking each day something that matches my mood or intent. One of my happiest moments is to reach my watch pouch and pick the choice for the day or occasion matching it to my outfit and other accessories.

I had my son with me at work and we took some pictures a la Free & Easy magazine Dad’s Style.

I hope you enjoy, we had fun!

the Royal Oak is my own personal watch, the first vintage watch I ever bought myself. Reference 56023, the 36mm size is perfect for my wrist and I love the suppleness of the vintage bracelet.
The belt I’ve had for over 10 years custom made YK blue Louisiana alligator. The buckle is a vintage steel ( I’m allergic to silver) I picked up on ebay.
The ring was my grandfather’s and it’s over 100 years old. I love it.
I take all the pictures and do all the hustle myself 🙂
My favorite DAD HAT
artwork in my Long Island office
among my favorites

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