I’ve been blessed in my career thank God to be able to bring something exciting to my clientele every day or other day.. and sometimes I find things that are even beyond rare!

Many of the watches I sell don’t make it to be sold on the site and listed online as again I’ve been blessed with a wonderful following on Instagram with whom interact on a daily basis and get to showcase in real time all the latest and greatest catches.

One of those watches is this absolutely wonderful Audemars Piguet Disco Volante in it’s most desirable iteration i.e. the hobnail bezel and Art Deco style two tone dial further enhanced by it’s double signature from Cartier! From the 1950s till this day it remained in private hands till it was discovered in NYC.

This watch was sold through the Cartier maison and correctly numbered with their engraving on the case back. Honest and untouched conditions will please the purist collector.

A great watch indeed, for the books!

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