Pursuing the most daring and design oriented wristwatches of the past century is my absolute focus, there is nothing more exciting to me than telling time on a piece of art.

Such is the Rolex Midas line with which I have been so infatuated with since the beginning of my career. So different than all the other Rolex models and perfectly embodying my vision of a fun wristwatch: a man’s jewel more than anything.

I’ve been elated to acquire and offer this ultra rare Rolex Midas in white gold (a feat of itself) featuring a mesmerizing coral dial (a unicorn dare I say) and with the original Rolex Midas urn box in mint conditions to boot!

As far as design, color, sexiness, wearability and coolness this timepiece literally checks all my wet dream boxes.

Luckiest is the new owner.

Pictures say a thousand words I will let the work of art speak for itself.

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