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Rolex Submariner reference 5512 is iconic as it gets. The “real” Steve Mcqueen watch (he used to wear one), it differs from it’s contemporary reference 5513 in that the movement is Chronometer certified ??hence the 4 lines of text on the dial.

This timepiece features a very clean dial with egg shell patina even throughout all the markers and hands. Furthermore it has the rare and elusive tritium zinc-sulfate luminous mix that makes the markers still faintly glow when charged in the sun or flashlight. Tritium life span is of about 12 years and this baby still glows! No, it is not relumed, you can research on the Vintage Rolex Forums and find that more specimens of 5512 in the 1.6-1.7 million serial have the same characteristic.

The dial is clean with no defects ??and has a beautiful pleasing patina. The bezel insert appears to be a service one (thin font) and faded to a beautiful grey shade. The rivet bracelet has stretch . Case is good , no dings or dents but has been polished

The Oyster Rivet bracelet comes with the C&I Made in USA big logo buckle and is signed 68 (correct to the watch).

Running well and keeping accurate time.

This watch comes with it’s set of box and papers. Double punched papers (chronometer certification and Rolex Warranty). Manufactured in ’66 and sold in 1970 in the USA. Has also the nice Rolex coffin box.

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