**SOLD**Rolex Vintage GMT Master ref#1675 Gilt dial Full Set


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Unbelievable Full Set Rolex GMT 1675 with gilt dial.

A rare and prized find for my collection!

Stunning fat case with lovely bevels on lugs, clean gilt mirror glossy dial and a very,very attractive fuchsia insert. Clad by a fantastic and pristine Oyster Rivet flex bracelet. This set is to die for!

Accompanied by it’s Chronometer punched certificate, Rolex Guarantie, Receipt from the military post in OKINAWA,outer box with the matching tags, Inner coffin box and Rolex Card holder.

1.2 million serial dates it to 1965 , year up / year down.

The quality of the case is outstanding, nice fat and sharp lugs with attractive chamfers. Case back is clean. Bracelet has minimal stretch (for it’s age) and has tons of wear still to go in it. The dial is very attractive and overall clean. The text is pristine with no defects. There is a mark above six o clock and there is a little tritium dust spot to the right of the center. Superb quality for this kind of watch. All original and all pristine.

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