**SOLD**Rolex Vintage Daytona ref#6263 Big Red


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Needs no introduction the Manual Daytona 6263 is the king of the vintage Rolex lineup!

These days there are really none around as all collectors are holding on to them and the demand is super strong. Buy it while it lasts!

This specific timepiece has a 7 million serial that dates it to 1982, in my books.

The watch is in extremely pleasing condition with a nice strong case that is still full and even.

The dial has a clean background with no discoloration or scratch. The lume plots all flaked off and the hand set shows some aging.

The black bachelite bezel insert is crisp and clean ??and frames this watch beautifully.

Overall this 6263 is super attractive and a real joy to wear.

727 movement running strong and keeping time.

78315 Oyster bracelet with no stretch and 517 end links.

The Daytona 6263 is the undeniable king of the Rolex line up and coveted by all enthusiasts worldwide.

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