**SOLD**Super mint Full Set Rolex GMT Master ref#1675

Rolex GMT Master 1675


This is the nicest and mintiest 1675 I handled so far. It is dead on perfect!

Full sets are so in demand and sought after , I hardly can keep one in stock.

Such a gorgeous piece, iconic with it’s “pepsi” bezel and a beautiful creme patina matching throughout.

Super fat case with sharp bladey champhers on the lugs. The dial is flawless with absolutely no defects whatsoever. The hands are mint and match in patina the markers. The bracelet is in top condition. The clasp coronet appears to be polished. The crystal has two hairlines and that’s about it. This is really a mint condition timepiece.

Accompanied by it’s full set of Rolex punched papers, manual,booklet,leaflet,inner and outer box (Rare Sea Horse box),hang tags. A true GEM!

5.8 million serial dates it to 1978 in my books.

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