**SOLD**Rolex Vintage Submariner ref#1680 deep cream patina

Rolex Submariner Date


Such an enjoyable daily beater the 1680 is! Classic, Iconic, sporty,adventurous and more all in one watch with so much heritage and history.

This sweet specimen has a nice fat case and a beautiful maxi dial with deep cream patina.

The hands match perfectly the shade of the markers and so does the tritium pearl in the insert.

On nice Rolex Oyster bracelet 93150 code with 580 end links, clasp VC code. Moderate stretch but plenty of life in it.

Nice super domed crystal.

The case is in nice pleasing conditions. The dial is very attractive, the markers are all even in color and matching throughout. The surface of the dial is clean. There is a scratch on the dial under the “L” of the Rolex writing that hides the “R” in the “perpetual” text. Hands are beautiful in patina . There is a tiny mark on the seconds hand stem. The bezel insert is crisp and clean,the tritium pearl has a cream patina to it. Movement is running well. The plexi crystal has an interior crack at 1 position that is visible only from certain angles. not di

Watch case serial 5.4 million dates it to 1978, in my books.

Very attractive watch indeed.

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