**SOLD**Rolex Vintage Daytona ref#6265 Classic Dial

Rolex Daytona 6265


A real attractive specimen of a classic 6265 vintage Daytona!

3.7 million serial dates it to 1973 , in my books.

Beautiful full and sharp case with even lugs and nice satin finish.

The dial is also attractive and overall clean. It has some little freckle white discolorations on the background that aren’t noticeable if you don’t look up close. There are no scratches or defects on the dial otherwhise. The lume plots are intact and took a dark eggshell hue matched by the hands set.

Original non grooved MK1 pushers on this watch in beautiful condition.

The crystal is original Rolex bubble effect in top condition with no chips or scratches.

The steel tachymeter bezel is in great shape, sharp with all nice black crisp original engravings.

Original 7835 folded link oyster bracelet with 371 end links with minimal stretch,fully linked and plenty of life in it.

727 movement running well and keeping time.

A fabulous Daytona for the Rolex vintage collector to wear daily or to keep as asset for the kids!


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