**SOLD**Rolex Vintage Daytona ref#6265 “Big Red”

Rolex Daytona


The legend , the handsome , the sexy! Here it is , the “Big Red” Daytona with Panda dial.

Such a beautiful watch , it’s sex on your wrist.

5.5 million serial dating it to 1978 and fitted with correct dial and everything else.

Dial: Original , silver background “panda” dial with “big red” Daytona logo. Clean, no spotting and clean no defects registers. Lume plots creamy and puffy with no flaking. Very, very rare to find in this conditions. Hands patina matches tritium plots color.

Case: Sharp lugs , clean and void of any nicks or dents.

Bezel: Clean and black print numbers in top conditions. no dings or dents.

Bracelet: Original Rolex Oyster bracelet 78350 with 557 end pieces in good conditions.

Movement: super clean, keeping good time and running smooth.

Accessories: Inner and outer presentation boxes (Bufkor box) , Daytona and Oyster booklet from 1979 correct to the watch and 6265 case back sticker.

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