Rolex Vintage Chronograph Monoblocco ref#3525 POW WWII

Rolex Chronograph 3525 Monoblocco


An incredibly rare,fine and collectible Rolex Chronograph in stainless steel dating to the early 1940s World War II era.

This timepiece is such an important part of history as it was the watch that Hans Wildorf (founder of Rolex) was selling to British Royal Army officers that were imprisoned by the Germans. He was selling these on credit with the hope that after the war the gentlemen would pay back their debts and  indeed that was the case.

The first Oyster case Chronograph produced by Rolex, the 3525 was the watch that Clive James Nutting (the man that inspired the movie “The Great Escape” with Steve McQueen) ordered in 1943.

This 3525 comes to me from a very important collection and is in pristine condition. The dial is magnificent and turned into a tropical golden / chocolate shade. So unique and so cool.

Cased in stainless steel and clad by a beautiful rivet stretch bracelet it encloses a beautiful gilt telemeter dial with matching gilt hand set . No defects or eye sores this timepiece is absolutely marvelous in it’s even golden patina that makes it look almost fluorescent yellow.

The case has normal wear scratches and one chrono pusher is tarnished. Overall thick and sharp the lugs are nice and even.

35mm excluding crown and 13mm thick.

This timepiece was offered at the fabled “Davide Blei collection Patrizzi auction” back in 2009.

Stainless steel examples of this reference are very rare and sought after.

This is an incredible watch that would be an incredible addition to a top collection.

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