**SOLD**Rolex GMT Master ref#1675 FULL SET

Rolex GMT Master 1675


It’s been a while since I had owned a 1675. They are just increasing in value by the hour and I couldn’t keep up!

I am happy to have acquired this stunning MK1 full set GMT from 1965 and offer it to my clientele .

Lovely raw condition on the case, stunning creamy patina on the dial even throughout and matching perfectly to the hands set.

An original folded links Oyster bracelet  7836 clads the case.

This watch has the matte “Long E” dial which is the period correct version for the 1.9 mil case.

Comes with full set of double Punched papers, case back sticker, NUMBERED hang tag, leaflet and inner + outer presentation boxes.

Case back Stamped III 68 – which is correct and original to watch
Proper Twinlock Crown.

A true feat for any Rolex collector.

It’s hard to find a  good and clean GMT 1675 these days and it’s even harder to find a full set example. This is to be grabbed and put away as it’s value will only go higher and higher , I have the stats to prove it!

Case has been polished in this watch history but still has a nice body to it, dial background is clean and doesn’t show age defects. Patina on the dial matching overall and hand set complements it to perfection. Lovely super faded insert, has two chips please look at pic at 11 marker. Bracelet is original to the watch and shows stretch but it’s totally wearable. Crystal has scratches, can be replaced or polished.

1.9 million serial dates it 1968-69, in my books.

A fantastic watch and set indeed.

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