**SOLD**Patek Philippe Calatrava ref#2507/1 belonging to Mr Shaeffer II

Patek Philippe Calatrava


This timeless Patek Philippe Calatrava from the 50s is iconic and it’s timeless Patek design resembling very much the pocket watch I recently acquired is classic at it’s best.

Those thin pencil hands and the clean soothing dial make this ultra thin watch a perfect dress timepiece.

The size was of strong interest for me as most calatrava from the 50s are 32mm or 33mm and this watch comes in at 35.5 making it a good size for today’s buyers.

18k yellow gold and ultra thin.

It comes with pedigree and heritage, every watch tells a story, this timepiece belonged to Mr Shaeffer the II from Iowa – the pen manufacturer – and his signature is engraved on the case back.

A beautiful timepiece by Patek that can be bought without spending a fortune.

I love it!~~

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