**SOLD**Patek Philippe Vintage Nautilus ref#3700/1 with Archive and Gay Freres Bracelet

Patek Philippe Nautilus 3700


What a stunning example of one of the most demanded watches on the planet,right here right now.

This is the first generation Nautilus designed by the mythical Gerald Genta in 1976.

Showcasing the true blue dial in original condition, the way it was born with no patina for the purists out there.

The bracelet is the enigmatic wide clasp style one produced by Gay Freres as we see from the stamp inside the clasp. These early ones have no Nautilus engraved inside.

The case and bezel are in excellent condition and maintained the octagonal soft profile. The bracelet edges show prominent bevels, a sign of no polishing in the past. The bracelet shows some stretch and sit flat when laid on a surface.

Accompanied by it’s Patek Philippe Archive paper stating date of manufacture and date of sale.


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