It’s been 20 years since I moved to New York on October 21st, 2002 as a 21 year old boy full of hope but with no money in my pocket.

I’ve been fortunate enough to build myself up since then, change few career paths (that always brought me back home for business) and now I can go return to my hometown as a seasoned vintage watch dealer purveying the best form watches out there.

My last trip to Milano was in October 2020 right after the Covid psy-war started while there were still no Green Pass, masks, tests and the likes fully enforced…

FAST FORWARD TO July 2022 when everything crumbled apart I had to stay on the sidelines till then because honestly no one will ever force me to do anything in order to travel or make a living… they can stay there waiting.

I used to visit every couple of months and pickup the watches no one there wanted since everyone is so focused on what everyone else likes and wants, I am able to take home what I feel is tasteful and feeding your addiction that we mutually share.

My return to Milano was nothing short of fabulous. The city is reviving back from it’s Covid kick in the balls and is as hustling and bustling back with tourists, visitors and locals having the time of their life in this 2022 summer.

It was nice to see all my colleagues I missed for two years and it’s good to know I have access to the most coveted safes out there that rarely anyone gets to see.

I took some shots with my vintage digital Leica Digilux 1 as I was enjoying my business trip. I hope you can enjoy too.

I purchased about 15 pieces and some of them sold right away even before I got back to the USA. Among them a truly exquisite Audemars Piguet 1940s Oversized VZSS movement with it’s original matching bracelet. Congratulations to the buyer (a great collector and friend at this point).

Vacheron Constantin has been a strong focus on my buying trip as I feel and know this will be the year VC will have it’s stage and spotlight, I will make sure it is so just as it happened for Cartier.  I picked up several VCs most of them listed already.. the tear drop, the pink tank and the large cioccolato automatic are just freaking atomic watches! I bought also a wonderful VC perpetual but it sold immediately to a good guy in the UK.

My next trip is already scheduled and I can’t wait to uncover more treasures in my hometown.

Anyone can go to Milano but not anyone has access to those goods..

il buon Alby
a very special and extremely large (over 37mm) auto VC left it for next time..
white gold ellipse .. coming soon
Audemars Piguet 1940 Oversize VZSS
Lino Ieluzzi from Al Bazar, my absolute favorite place to shop in the whole wide world

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