back in milano…

The world is open at last with no medical restrictions of any sort hence I can finally participate in the jet setting watch circus and walk the streets of Geneva again breathing that old world – European nobility snobbiness scent in the air and living the movie to it’s fullest.

hotel tiziano – milano

As per usual I like to drop by Milan first and then make my way up to Geneva with the train, this way I can visit my favorite places while conducting some business. On this last trip I was fortunate to unearth a wonderful and rare Cartier “Stirrup” from 1929 in white gold. Truly a treasure and going to a great new home.

What trip to Milano could it be without a stop in my most favorite shop in the world Al Bazar of Lino Ieluzzi and being grateful for this moment of serenity and passion for style.


In Geneva I visited all the auction houses minus Phillips..

Visiting Christie’s at the Four Seasons Hotel de Bergues is always a surreal experience starting with that essential oil they pump in the air smelling like your ultra rich Swiss nobility chateau. The offering is always a bit unreachable along with the stuffy air, anyways fun to participate!


At Antiquorum with close to 500 lots is where I like to have fun and is where I feel at home. The approachable style of the offering along with the very nice staff starting with Julian and Romain make it my favorite time in Geneva. There is always something for everyone and if there is somewhere I’d spend my money this is it.

offerings at Antiquorum



At Sotheby’s we can see the creme de la creme of collectible horology, I love their setup at the Mandarin Oriental and the staff is very helpful with Mikael at the helm.

The array of vintage Cartier, Patek, AP, Rolex etc is outstanding. The Breguet was phenomenal indeed as well.

The special thing about Geneva and visiting auction houses in general is the fact that you can see the best and most coveted timepieces up close. Touch them, feel them, smell them and learn every detail about them…that you won’t have a chance to examine again under one roof together with other passionate people like yourself.



a fantastic vintage Panerai 1940s from Antiquorum
I came home with this wonderful Cartier London Baignoire with sexy cream dial
details of a 1940s cintree
cintree 1940s



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